Our pricing policies:

We keep our pricing flexible to insure the most value for your Limousine services!

As outside factors have a high impact on our costs, we curve our pricing in order to facilitate a value pricing model that keeps our profits steady, and your cost to be of the best value possible based on our current costs. This allows our services to be more readily available to a larger demographic, because our prices are not always the same, steady high prices. When our costs are driven down by lack of demand, lower fuel costs, and overall lower general operating costs... we subsequently lower our fees in order to give our valued clients the best value possible. It isn't in our best interests to grab as much as we can at all times, so when we're able to save; we like to pass along that savings to you!

When you call to get quote, our agents will ask a few questions to help find you the best vehicle at a great price. Please have the information below ready when you call for accurate pricing

If pricing is an obstacle, be sure to tell us! We always try to help as best we can.

Our courteous and professional booking agents always do their best to find a vehicle to fit your needs and budget. It's not always possible, due to many factors, but we always work toward getting you booked when ever the need is there. That being said, if you're on a tighter budget, you should keep certain things in mind which can benefit you greatly when it comes to finding a day which will cost you the least: Avoid the high demand days of Friday and Saturday. Also, you'll want to do your best to avoid the highest demand season which is Spring and early Summer. During these times our prices are highest because our costs are the highest. So, if at all possible, avoiding these time periods will yield you the best value for your money. To see our prices are fair check out some other cities at Memphis Limo Pricing and Jackson MI Limo Pricing.

If you're in the market for something a little roomier than a limousine, be sure to check out our fine selection of Party Buses!
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